Where can you find an Antec D-85 Gaming Case???!? Please Help

To start with let me just say I am doing a build, in which I already have recieved all of the components and needed the case several days ago. I am making this build for a person that must have the antec D-85, much like humans need oxygen to survive.

Now this is what I have tried.





Every Single Website Listed on Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, Bing Shopping, Aol Shopping, Ask.com shopping and every other big name search engine.

I check Ebay 10 times daily.

I check Amazon for a personal seller 10 times daily.

I called Antec, the manufacturer and they say it is sold out with every major known supplier they do business with.

The case, despite being the highest rated case on newegg and 2011's top gaming case for cooling/airflow second only to the HAF X, has been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured.

There is no case to my knowledge and my almost 2 weeks searching, that looks even remotely similar to it in a full tower.

I placed 12 individual adds on craigslist. 6 locations in california including LA Sacremento San Diego and San Francisco. Every Craigslist website in my actual area and every craigslist website in area that family members live in other states.

I have responded to 6 craigslist offerings of the item which I have not recieved a single response. I left text messages for 2 of them.

I called the owner of a california based website that said they had it in stock at his home at 10:30pm on the weekend to confirm availability, another dead end.

3 have popped up on ebay in the last 2 weeks. 1, the seller said was accident and that he was out of stock, 1 was cancelled 5 minutes after being listed with the item unavailable tag, and 1 I instantly bought and paid for and 3 days later no message from seller and no shipment.

I have bought it from different websites (That Said In Stock) 4 times and had to get my money back after confirming that it will NOT be in stock and isnt in stock.

I am willing to pay Full LIST Price for this item even in used condition. Does anyone have one or know someone who has one for sale or know where one can be aquired. This is very time sensitive and I will pay for expidited shipping. Please Help Me On My Quest.
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  1. I'd go with this model if you can't find the D-85 in time for your build: http://www.frys.com/product/6708525
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