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Hey guys,

I want to know is it better to set all of the settings in the BIOS manually according to the computer hardware (For example, set the Front Side Bus to the CPU's specifications vs Auto) or is it better to set everything to Auto where the computer takes care of everything?
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  1. no it is best to do automatic unless you are overclocking but dont *** with those options unless you know what your doing, because you can break your computer
  2. For my money, I would say it kind of depends on where you fall on the risk vs reward scale. The more risk you're willing to take on these settings, the more potential reward there is. However, I would also say that if you're even having to ask, then you probably aren't the sort of person who wants to be messing with those settings. At least not without first spending a fair amount of time to understand what they are, what they do, what the potential risks are by taking them too far, etc.
  3. agreed
  4. Well, I know a great deal about memory, processors, and hardware, and what all of the specifications mean, I just have not attempted any overclocking. My question is, is that is it more beneficial to set the values manually, according to the hardware's manufacture's specifications, or is it better to set the value to Auto. So like Bus Speed and such? And if there are any websites to your knowledge that may help me understand overclocking and how to do it, please let me know, I want to learn to do some of this stuff.
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