Hd 6770 bios flash?

hey guy i have a hd 6770 for one year
i have started to see unplayable results at ultra settings in most games @1080p although my monitors native 1600*900 still works fine
i was convinced to overclock
my gfx card has 775 mhz core clock and 1000mhz memory (default)
i oc'ed (after much experimenting) till 906mhz core and 1280 mhz memoryafter i hit a roadblock @ the stock voltage 1.200 v
i got a fps increase of 5-10 fps in all titles
but i thought this wasnt enough ,so tried tweaking voltage through msi afterburner (after enabling it in settings)
but it remained locked
now my problem is how should i unlock voltage control?
should i try a custom bios?
if yes which one?
my card is this one-
any suggestion is welcome
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    You def could try to unlock the voltage to get a higher oc if your temps are good enough....if you want to make your overclock stick without using programs you could save the current bios of your card using gpuz and then modify it with RBE (creating your own custom bios)

    then make a flashdrive bootable and flash the custom bios onto the card.... this will make your overclock stick without having to run msi afterburner or anyother oc careful though raising the voltage will increase the heat output alot so make sure you watch that closely.
  2. thanks will try and get back to you!
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  4. let me know how it goes....its not too crazy of a process here is a step by step guide how to obtain the original bios edit it and flash it back onto your card....good luck with it and be careful if you put the wrong settings in you can fry the card

    let me know how it works out
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