Core i3 3220 vs Pentium G2120

I am building a budget Linux Server to host Minecraft. The minecraft server uses only 1 core so which which would be better for the price, the G2120 or the i3 3220?

My upload speed is 24mbps, download is 34 Mbps, ping is 10-15.

Another thing, is a Western Digital 500GB 7200rpm SATA 3 fast enough to host the server?
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  1. Would you spend the extra money for the i3-3220?
  2. I would only if there would be a dramatic amount of performance, meaning if its just a slight performance boost then no, but if noticeable then yes. Both of these CPUs are Ivy bridge btw.
  3. Yeah we know that both CPU as based on the Ivy Bridge archetecture.
    If the server uses only one core, then go with the G2120, otherwise the Core i3 is the obvious choice.
  4. Alright thanks
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