PC starts then immediately turns off again (power sw)

First off this is my first attempt at new build..

Just brought a new case (aerocool x predator) and PSU (AX 650 corsair) connected it up to my motherboard (Cleveland-GL8) which ould had taken note im having to recycle from my older HP case ( http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c02668523 ) but I think im messing the power sw cable up and H.D.D LED and -p LED +p LED ...

Iv tryed to look for manuals but I cant find any..

Ive supplied some pictures, the first is the power sw cable position when it spins fans for half a second and lights on case come on but all goes straight off the second is with nothing plugged in.

Please help lol, sat here with newCase, PSU, GPU and RAM but can't get it to work... :(

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  1. Im also a little confused about the position on the vcc1 usb1- ubb1+ gnd1 cable
  2. Sometimes componies like dell willl use components that only work with certain componts, like mobo, powersupply, case.
  3. No? I asked around before buying I do hope this isnt the case. So I assume you cannot see or think of a problem other than that? Thanks
  4. I personally can't but other people might, It sure work seeing that you asked though
  5. thru trial and error I believe the powers fine, could it be the power supplies to much? very random im sure but im racking my brains and just cant solve it.
  6. Don't forget to pick a best answer :D dumb dumb lol
  7. Sorry, solved, what a moron! Didnt plug in the CPU 4pin cabl, Derp..
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