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I have bought an extension cable for my monitor (SVGA male to female cable). When I attach the monitor to the computer using the extension cable my icons on the screen are larger than normal. The display settings are still the same (set on small). How do I fix the problem?
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  1. There are two ways to fix it one is right click on your desktop then click on screen resolution and where you see for example 1920 x 1080 there is a drop down box click on it look for the resolution that has recommended and click on it and then reboot.

    If that is already in the window look down to your left you should see Make Text and other items larger or smaller or you could read What display settings should I use. This would help you understand.

    On the Make Test one when you click on it you should have 3 choices to pick from. Make sure that it is on the smaller check. Off to the left you should see Set Custom Text Size (DPI) You can play around with that.

    If none of that has changed anything then depending what your graphic card is weather you have a nVidia or a AMD will be the next step. But first try what I said above.

    One more thing when you right click on the desktop at the top of the menu box it will say view click on it and make sure it is checked on small icons. Good luck and let us know how it truns out.
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