My friend is in great confusion guys

Hi guys , i am in need of your help again. My friend has a newly bought assembled PC.
However he is in quite a great confusion right now. He has a Nvidia GT 210 1gb ddr3 graphic card.

Here are his system specifications:
Intel Core i3 processor at 3.02Ghz, 450W Zebronic PSU , 4 GB DDR3 RAM, and an intel motherboard and windows 7 home premium.
Currently his 19 inches Monitor has a resolution of around 1320 x 768.
he is able to play games like Sniper elite v2 and dirt 5 at low resolution and at low fps. However he was able to play GTA 4 with a lot of lags.
He however wants to play games like max payne 3 in a decent resolution at playable fps which he has not tried out yet.
Will there be a significant improvement in performance if he overclocks the graphic card. ?
Will he be able to play Max payne 3 by overclocking. Please help me immediately...
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  1. GTA4 needs a quad core processor to play well.

    The weak link here is the video card, it's extremely LOW END.

    I suggest upgrading the graphics card to at least 7750/7770/GTX550ti
  2. yes but he is already able to play GTA 4 but with lags. So will he be able to play at playable fps if he overclocks the graphic card?
  3. Just get a new card and for ones own safety replace that generic psu before if fails.
  4. But it is a brand new zebronic 450 W psu . IS there any specific reason he should replace it?
    also will he not be able to play games like GTA 4 or max payne 3 with a overclocked GT 210 atleast at playable fps?
  5. They are pretty poor quality and known to fail, some have been unlucky enough to theirs catch fire. Generic units are by the way highly over rated when it comes to max output. I bet that this unit is only 300-375w sustained. As for the card there are somethings that overclocking doesn't solve. As for gta iv the cpu is good enough but not perfect but the card is the main reason why it lags so much. GTA IV needs a decent card to run but if you or your friend have $30-50 on hand that would have normally been spent on iTunes or something else go and get a cheap 9800gt or a cheap gt430.
  6. Okay thanks for your reply. But are you sure that overclocking will be of no use really . will it atleast add a few more fps ?
  7. karthik247 said:
    Okay thanks for your reply. But are you sure that overclocking will be of no use really . will it atleast add a few more fps ?

    positive. The GT210s are entry models. They may not even be overclockable and the silicon quality is probably low enough that it would cause instability
  8. They can overclock but the margins are usually so low that it makes no difference at all while some that do get decent clocks it still doesn't matter as the card is so weak. There are other cards that comes to mind that are the same way such as the FX 5200, 8400GS, 6200TC, and many many more. If you or your friend are very limited money wise then maybe go looking for a cheap even used 9800gt, gt430, or a gt240 if you want to be staying with nvidia while keeping power consumption down to a minimum.
  9. Okay thanks for ur reply. can u suggest a good card under the price range of 30-55$ which would be able to these games considering the 450W Zebronic PSU
  10. You can also suggest an AMD graphic card under this price range
  11. Zotac 9800gt eco, its the best and the fastest nvidia card without a 6pin power connector except for the gts450 eco but those are more than twice as expensive and rare.

    The other cheap card in mind is a gt240 or a gt430.

    Go on amazon and start looking there but if you are willing to take risks with the possibility of loosing money them maybe eBay. eBay is very risky even with paypal.

    AMD 5450/6450 that are often around $40
  12. Any good AMD cards in this price range then?
  13. karthik247 said:
    Any good AMD cards in this price range then?

    Not a lot sadly, beyond $50 your options become much better selection wise.
  14. Its all right nforce , please
    suggest me good AMD cards just above the 50$ option
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    6670 is you can find one on the cheap, it uses very little power compared to most cards these days but offers a lot of bang for the buck. Your friend would be very happy with that card but a 6650 won't disappoint either. There are two other cards in the same line up that are cheaper but are lower spec. Such as the 6570 and the 6450.
    The 6450 is pretty cheap like the 5450 but isn't powerful. It will beat the GT210 any day of the week.
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