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Removing IHS and.. surprise!

December 29, 2012 7:26:41 PM

im new and came from italy ( sorry for my english)

well ..
i tried to remove the IHS from my processor ( I5 3570k) to enanche the cooling power .. but i dont want focus on it but
on the SURPRISE !

The core is not centered on the pcb ( core is 2 mm much on left side) .. so that the clip of the cooler dont push directly on the center of the core !

The core IS NOT PLANAR !!!! :pfff: 
( the cooler only can touch perfectly only in a point of the core and not on the entire core! )

and , at last, i discovered that One of the 1155 pins is burned ! ( but i was lucky and the PC work fine .. unbelivable)
(by a quick research on internet i discovered that "sometime , some pins of LGA 1155 can burn ! )


well.. and now some photos of ihs removed ..

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