$500-600 gaming pc

Hello, this will be my first ever gaming pc and I would like to play games such as Skyrim, Payday:The heist, crysis 2 and L4D.
I donnt have a moniter, windows 7 or speakers yet.
It would also be good if I got a frame rate of 30fps on these games at medium settings.
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  1. You do realize that Windows 7 will cost you $100 on it's own. The monitor and speakers around $150. This leaves you with a budget of $350.

    Look here:

    Ignore the solid state drive, it is out of your budget.
  2. I would get an i3-2120
    this mobo
    a 560se
    all of this adds up to 360. the rest of the stuff you should be able to find for about 160 if you do some bargain hunting (yes on ebay). I left the monitor out of the budge. You wont be able to do mid range gaming for that little money. Sorry, you will have to up your budget a little.
  3. email me if you want windows ultimate mate
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