Need help finding parts

OK so my friend has a VERY shitty computer(cant play HD games)

I was hoping to help him find some parts so that he could play the latest games(particuarly DAYZ) not on ultra(low im guessing is fine) but enough so that the games are playable.

His budget is about $500-$600

Thanks for the help in advance! :D
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  1. Either use Tom's guide:,3216.html

    Or use Hardware Revolution:

    Hardware Rev has a $300-600 price range build, I'd check that out first.
    then toss in one of the new ib i3 that dropping sept 2. look to be around 120.00 for them or get a cheaper g ib chip that drops that date.
    drop a 4g ram stick for 15-20.
    a 7750 or 640/650.
    15.00 after rebate.
    if his old pc has sata hard drive and cd-rom pull them.
    if he got a newer power supply use it.
    that run a low end card and i3 fine.
    if he thinks going to toss in a faster card buy a bigger power supply.
    if he in school use it to get windows 7 at a discount. if not the oem on new egg runs about 90.00
  3. but thanks i will show this to him :na: hopfully he follows my advice because he wants to buy a lapptop gaming computer for aboud 500-600... but that will give him shitty performance but if he finally turns around and goes the right way(desktop) thank you this really helps me :D
  4. his old system is a mac... and a laptop
  5. msi z77 g45 micro atx mb on sale for 114.00 on new egg and has a 10.00 rebate. if he can wait two weeks to order the cpu the new i3 ib will be out for 120.00 if he wants more power look at micro center for the 05 3540/3570. the 3570 is 199.00 on new egg.
  6. yeah ok... but the only problem is that the gpu is more important then the cpu right at least for gaming there will be no rendering videos
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