(Updated) New Build Trouble

Hey everyone,

I just finished building my first PC:

After tweaking the system and looking what might be the problem, I noticed that my computer still doesn't boot up properly. The system turns on fine now - no beeping or turning off, but my monitor stays off/in standby

Thanks for all the help and advice, I'm really excited but still worried about this new build.
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  1. Updated:

    I noticed that mem-OK button lights up red inside the system, but it is still not recognized by the monitor

    removed the video card, still having the same problem
  2. jeremy first look at the mb and the box see if they stamped the bios rev that flashed on the mb. the 0801 bios might not have the code for your cpu to post. if you cant find it. start with using the usb flash back port and download the 09xx bios and rename it per asus renaming guild. there a few videos on you tube of techs flashing asus mb using the flashback port. then use the next bios after that till your mb posts. one thing also to check is make sure the 4/8 pin atx power in connected.
    I would also pull the gpu and see if the mb posts with no errors without the gpu install. also put in one dimm.
  3. Hi smorizio,

    what is the bios rev exactly? sorry if it is a dumb question, first time building with no prior experience with computers
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    when vendors write new code for the mb bios they rename the file to a new rev.
    the first code was the x800 code. then as they did bug fixes for the mb they make a new bios file and renumber it.
    on the box or the mb may be a mb bios rev sticker. if you cant find it try flashing the bios with 900 bios to see if it fixes your issues.
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