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Factory overclocked vs reference card

i won't be overclocking the gpu myself, so should i get the overclocked version of gpu or the reference one, the factory overclocked version costs more, is it worth the money.for example consider gtx 560ti, there is a lot of factory oced version available
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    You will get fair value for your money either way.
    Since the graphics card is the real engine of gaming, I suggest you buy the strongest card you are willing to pay for.

    Sometimes cards come with fancy oem coolers, and perhaps extra vram. You will pay more for those, and I don't think they are usually worth the price premium. Better to buy a more capable chip to begin with.
  2. Usually they are the same build, same PCB, same coolers but with some factory OC ( not much OC by the way).

    If you know how to OC that card, then buy the non OC version and then OC by yourself, this way you can squeeze more the card for less money

    If you don't know and don't want to try, then the OC version is your better choice.
  3. Truth be told, most of those factory OC levels can be adequately handled by the reference card with the reference cooler.
    Case in point: I have the true reference Nvidia GTX 560 ti, (it is actually Nvidia Brand) It can easily handle the 50-75mhz OC that these other cards are clocked at. I have mine OC’d to 900mhz(Stock is 822mhz), never gets hotter than 80c( stays mostly around 72-75) all on the stock cooler (which is pretty stout , see below)with a good airflow case.

  4. Factory overclock cards are usually only slightly more expensive then reference counterpart, and you get about 5-10% OC which only equal a few extra frames on the most demanding games. Easier to do it your self as their are many helpful guides out there.

    What you should be looking is the cooling solution, as the guy above me mentioned some manufactures add 3rd party coolers to their products. While this may increase price, the usually preform better and quieter than reference design.
  5. Lol..still had the Google images page open and noticed something.

    Nvidia reference:

    EVGA SSuperclocked 560ti(sorry for the big pic)

    Zotac 560ti Cooler

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