New Computer. No Video Signal :(

Hello again, community!

Today I got the parts for my new computer, and after puting everything together I cant get any video signal to my computer screen. I have tried about everything and i have a suspicion that the MB is faulty or defect. Before returnig to the store, though, I figured I should ask you guys frst :)

The parts are
CPU: AMD FX 8-core Black Edition (am3 socket)
MB: ASRock 970 Pro 3 (555 XFast)
GPU: Sapphire HD 7970 Vapor-X
PSU: Silverpower 500W

I tried connecting the GPU to my old intel chipset PC and it semed to work. Thats about the only tink I could figure out, that its not the GPU.

Any help would be greatlu apprechiated! :)
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  1. Hi, What FX 8 precisely?
  2. Sorry for not being more precise. The full name is AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processor
  3. Not sure if that's the cause, but the CPU requires the P1.20 BIOS version.
    Can you find on the motherboard a sticker with the board's BIOS version (P1.10 or P1.20 or similar)?
  4. P1.50-15A is the Bios version :) Thanks for helping, mate!
  5. Then the CPU is supported, so the issue is elsewhere. Is the CPU fan spinning when starting the board?
  6. Yes everything is spinning and looks to be working as intended.
  7. Try installing the graphics card in the other PCIe slot. Leave also only one RAM stick installed. Is there a case speaker (beeper) connected to the motherboard or can you connect one?
  8. Tried everyting you mentioned, except that I dont have access to any case speakers :(
  9. Hard to say what's wrong. At this point I would try to take the board outside the case, reinstall the CPU, check the CPU for bent pins, clean the paste and apply new one, then test the board outside the case with a minimum configuration (one RAM stick - check each slot, GPU, dvd drive, keyboard and mouse).
  10. Tried everything you mentioned, but didn't work :S what do you think is the problem? the cpu or the MB?
  11. Probably the motherboard. It's the 3rd or 4th similar post I've read regarding issues with Asrock 970 in the last 2 days.
  12. Ok mate. Thank you for all your replies and your effort. Ill take the MB back to the store and have a go at a new one :)
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