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I currently use an Intel Core2 Duo E6850 and I saw this guy on youtube make a system using a Intel CPU G850. I seem to suck at navigating this site cause all I want to do is compare performance tested between the two CPU's. Does anyone know where I can find and compare them? Before I go and spend the cash on a new CPU & MB I would like to know if it is actually better than what I have.
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    Hi. You can find a comparison here:
  2. Wow that's a nice site tyvm for sharing that with me. Mind if I ask for opinions? Is the difference in performance worth spending $130? I mostly want to improve my gaming experience in games like Firefall, blacklight ret., EverQuest2, WarInc, WarZ, Global Agenda, DCUO, GW2...
  3. It should be depending on your GPU.
  4. it would be more than 130, a new mobo would be required, as well as possibly new memory along with the cpu.
  5. Well I use a Radeon 6770 HD I recently bought but there was a guy on youtube who built a system that was performing much better than me.

    I know its not the same card but I already bought one so I figured it's my old CPU and MB slowing me down. If I were to get the MB & CPU he is using it would only cost me like $130

    My current setup is:
    Intel core2 duo E6850 3GHz
    8GB RAM
    Win7 64bit
    Radeon 6770 HD Video card 1GB
  6. fyi, don't trust youtube videos for how well something performs.
  7. Don't get a MSI board. Those are pretty unreliable. Also, a 2.9GHz Pentium only costs $50 at Microcenter if you have one near you.
  8. Hence the reason I asked for bench marks...thanks but I already thought of that
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