Can this PSU support a Radeon HD 6870?

Hi, I am wondering if you could add a Radeon HD 6870 into a PC with a 460W PSU. I've heard people saying that Dell PSU's are good, and that is what I have, so that could influence things. The other specs of PC are:

Intel Core i7 3770 - 3.4 GHz
8 GB Dual Channel 1600 MHz DDR3
Current GFX card is AMD Radeon 7570 1GB GDDR5
Not sure about motherboard or fans.


If you can't add one, could you recommend a card that would work? I read that that card could play most games on Ultra, so that is why I wanted it.
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  1. yea you should be ok with that powersupply for the 6870....amd recommends a 500 watt psu minimum for the card but you will be fine with a 460 watt unit
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    To be absolutely sure, try to find the 12V rail(s) current rating (amps) for your PSU, it should be on a big sticker on the side.

    It's also worth noting that a 7850 should use less power (I think), the new gens are more efficient, so don't shy away from getting the newer cards because of your PSU.
  3. That 7850 looks cool. Might get that instead.
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  5. I would still recommend posting your 12V current supply, that is the absolute determining factor for whether your PSU can support any given GPU.

    edit: Thanks for selecting a best answer though :)
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