Can i run max payne 3 without a gfx card

can i run max payne 3 without a gfx card :)
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  1. it depends on what integrated video you are using...what are the specs of the rest of your system....if you have a sandy bridge cpu or newer you will most likely be able to play the game without a dedicated card but it wont be pretty
  2. You can only display the menu I guess :D
  3. Like drums101 said, if you have a decent CPU with integrated GFx like the i3, i5, or i7, you should be able to play it on low OK. If you have an older CPU like a Core 2 Duo or Pentium, it could be challenging.
  4. you can run it but not play it.
  5. The Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge iGPUs run games like TF2 and CSS very well. Max Payne is a different story. Now, if you have an AMD APU, you might just have something to work with. Which CPU do you have?
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