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So i'm going to be building my new rendering PC later this year, and am looking for some advice.

I mainly need help with choosing the right cpu/videocard.

As of right now the build consists of.

6TB storage/games (3 2TB hardrives in RAID5 for redundancy)
Intel 320 SSD 120GB for apps

Motherboard: ASUS or Intel 2011 one of the basic ones, don't need all the extra fluff.

RAM: 32GB 1600

CPU: I'm unsure if I should stick with one of i7s or go with a Server Grade Xeon.
In particular the i7-3930K or the E5-2630

GPU: Not looking to go crazy here and with the Kepler cards coming soon, it makes it all the more difficult. The Quadros are the professional choice, but if I could SLI together two GTXs for more power/ less money. I would definitely do it. The Quadro 4000 would be my first choice as of right now...

Looking for any input here, i'm not a new to pc building, but haven't been keeping very up to date with all the recent hardware.

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  1. I'm not much into profesional PC's but I would go with quadro because gtx is designed for gaming. Also I would go with the i7 because I the E5 is a server CPU.
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