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Best Gaming Video for under 280?

Okay I read the best graphics cards for the money May 2012 it doesn't included some of the older cards (460gtx)

700W Power Supply
I5-2400K CPU

I have all the stuff minus the monitor which will be a 23" 1080p 2ms Asus

7850 2G

2 X GTX 460 1G

560 TI

2 6850 1G

which is going to give the most bang for the buck
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  1. for 1080p gaming i would go with the 7850, since some games require more than 1gb, also the 7850 is newer architecture
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    GTX 480. That's the best bang for the buck, it's $50 cheaper than HD 7850 and is much faster than it, comparable to $100 more expensive HD 7870.
  3. Since when did Intel ever make an i5-2400K? If you have one can you post a picture of it?
  4. If you can go up to 300, you can get XFX Double D FX-787A-CDFC Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition. However you can get 7850, and O.C it, to match 7870, also 7850 O.C well if you play with the V. Using third party software.

    I ordered that 7870 yesterday to CF it my first one. Also i think 300 should be the price of 7870 to begin with.
  5. yes the 480 is indeed a good option:

    but the 7850 also uses less power:

    i'm not so sure about the performance but it looks like the 7850 beats it:

    i would pay extra 30 bucks for a cheaper electric bill + a little more perf + newer architecture
  6. Don't look at 3dmark score. GTX 480 is quite a bit faster:

  7. +1 for 7850
  8. If you can go riiight to your max budget, do it. The GTX 570 is a little of a power hog but the results are impressive. GTX 480 is good, power hungry at times, and packs a good punch of performance. You shouldnt have to upgrade for max-high settings for one-two years.
  9. ko888 said:
    Since when did Intel ever make an i5-2400K? If you have one can you post a picture of it?

    The 4 and the 5 are next to each other on my keyboard and I have big fingers so sue me.

    the CPU is an I5-2500K
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