865 motherboard drivers for windows 7?

I have a pretty old PC. It has a 865 mobo. The drivers CD I got with it has drivers upto Win XP support only. Earlier this PC was running Windows XP on it. Today I installed win 7 on it. While installing drivers, Sound & LAN drivers were installed with no problem but chipset and VGA drivers were not because of incompatible OS. By the time, windows updater installed ''Standard VGA'' driver on it, but i am still getting a lot of lag while playing any video or some graphics stuff. Windows experience index both for graphics & gaming is 1.0, thats really bad. On internet i m unable to find win 7 display drivers for 865 mobo. please help me...... :sweat:

My PC specs:
CPU : Intel Celeron D @ 2.4 GHz
RAM : 768 MB DDR
HDD: 80 GB IDE (western digital)
MoBo : unbranded 865
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