Can I add a graphics card to my computer?

Sorry if this is in the wrong category, but I was wondering if there was any way I could add a graphics card (nVidia P162) from my older dell dimension 4600. The computer I want to add it to is an eMachines W3629 with these specs:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
RAM: 3.24 GB
Intel 82945 express chipset family 128mb
OS: Windows xp home edition sp3
Bios: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
DirectX 9.0c

If you know how I can make this work let me know. I have pictures, but I'm not sure if or how I can add them.
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    No you can't put a AGP video card in a mainboard with only PCI-E slot you will need to get a PCI-E card.

    The Nvidia P162 GeForce MX440 is a AGP based card but your E-Machine has PCI and PCI-E slots only so there is no way to "make it work" you will need to get a PCI-E based video card for that rig.
  2. no, you cannot add, your mobo have PCI-E slot not AGP.
  3. The graphics card is for an AGP slot I believe, and it looks like the E-machines pc has a PCi express video slot, so no it wont work. You need a PCIe graphics card for the emachine.
  4. Don't think so, it seems the dell is using an AGP card while the eMachine has a PCI-e slot

    Edit: meh everyone beat me to it :)
  5. here is the AGP vs PCI-E slot difference.
  6. Okay, thanks for all the answers.
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