My stock fans are getting too loud, any quiet 200mm fans?

When I built my system about a year ago with the HAF 922 case, I decided to move the stock fan from the top, to the side panel.
I was thinking this would provide me more cooling for my components by blowing air directly at them, and letting the hot air rise up naturally.

Any ways, I think these fans have gotten louder over time, and now that I'm gonna start making videos, that has become an inconvenience. So I'm looking to replace the 2 stock 200mm fans with new and quieter ones. But I have no experience with fans at all, so that's why I'm asking here, you guys seem to know what you are talking about.

Are there any quiet 200mm fans out there? Can they be more quiet than these stock HAF 922 ones?

Thanks in advance for all the help that I may get!
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