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Hey guys got a question for you. I just built my first computer about 3 months ago. It has a P8Z68-V Pro/Gen 3 Motherboard, Intel 2500k 3.3 Processor, AMD Radeon 6770 HD Grahpics Card, and a corsair TX 800 watt power supply. Anyways, the build went perfect and for the first 3 months everything worked perfectly. Then just last week i moved the whole setup to a different room in my house and when i went to turn it on for the first time in its new location it wouldnt boot up. I hit the power button on the case and it tries to start up, the leds on the case will light up, case fans and cpu fan spin, mobo tries to get going, but then the 3 error lights on the mobo will blink one at a time. First the cpu led will blink, then the dram led, and then the vga led. After all 3 blink the computer will turn off then back on again and do that all over again. It will continue to turn restart itself while continuing to do this every time. Eventually if i let it go long enough it will quit restarting itself but the 3 error leds will continue to blink one at a time. Any thoughts???
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