Which Case??? Antec 1100 Eleven Hundred vs Corsair Carbide 500R

Good day gentleman, oops and ladies =)

Just a quick poll to see what case you guys would recommend out of these 2.
I've been reading all sorts of reviews about them both and the overall verdict seems to be that they are both really nice mid-budget cases. So which one would you choose if it was you.
It will be used as a gaming rig with an OC'ed 3770k and GTX 690.

Antec 1100 Eleven Hundred - All cooling test reviews of the Antec show the CPU and GPU between 4-8 degrees cooler under load compared to the Corsair 500R but it only comes with 2 fans so I will require an extra 4 (good) fans.

Corsair Carbide Series 500R - Good all-round cooling but beat by the Antec in all reviews for cooling ability but comes with a decent amount of fans.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. 2-1 to the Antec. Anyone else??
  2. anort3 said:

    Thanks for those links. Yeah I think I'm leaning towards the Antec purely because of the cooling performance, but it's cheap on fans which is a let down, so I would need to buy 4x good quality 120mm fans as well.
  3. Has anyone got one of these cases???
  4. Antec 1100 Eleven Hundred by a WIDE margin.

    From my research, additional to 500R it has these features:

    1) Dimensions are bigger, much more space, its actually almost a Full tower
    2) AWESOME transparent side panel
    3) Extreme Air Flow, and room for a LOT of fans(4 more than 500R)
    4) Great Look with the side window and sleek design


    1) Fans included are of LOW quality and of HIGH noise in some cases(refer to reviews on newegg etc)
    2) Included fans are limited and need to replace almost every fan
    3) Fan controller on back which is a pain to access everytime

    If you want airflow, just go for 1100 I dont think any case in that price range would beat it. For looks and allround performance go for Cooler Master HAF XM. It has almost every feature of 500R and looks more solid.

    (Source: personal experience through youtube videos, reviews etc)
  5. The Antec 1100 in the benchmarks I linked to had only stock cooling and still did that well in testing. You could still add fans of course. I have my Antec 1200 maxed out with Antec TriCools. 1 x 200mm and 7 x 120mm and they are almost silent on low while still moving a huge amount of air.
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