I was looking through my e-mail the other day and I clicked on this odd kind of looking one. When I went into it, it said some weird stuff about not sending something or another. I deleted it right away and afterward went to a gaming site. I was surfing around and I get the download pop up saying to install a file called sphereomni.ani or something simular to that. I clicked on cancel and did some more surfing and it popped up again. And clicked cancel. I looked in the internet history and it came from an actual site. Did I download a virus by going through the email? I did do a norton scan, and it came up with nothing.

Thank you
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  1. It's possible. Just because its a Mac does not mean that its immune to infections. Everything has its vulnerabilities, whether it be Windows, Mac, or even Linux.

    Try updating your antivirus and then running a full scan.
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