HD 6670 or GeForce GT 620

Hi, I'm starting to build a HTPC but I'm stuck on what graphics card to get.
I've been looking at the Radeon HD 6670 ddr3 and the Geforce GT 620 ddr3, but I can't seem to find much about the GT 620.
Which one would be better for a HTPC build? Or maybe suggest one that's about the same price and better.

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  1. The GT610/620/630 cards are kind of silly to wrap your head around. To put it in rough perspective 6670 GDDR5 > GT630 GDDR5 = GT440 GDDR5 > 6670 DDR3 > GT630 DDR3 = GT440 DDR3 > GT620 > GT610 = GT520 = GT430.

    Nvidia has done a LOT of rebranding at the lower end of the spectrum. From my understanding, though, the 6670 would be the best card at that price point.

    If you check out this article on Anand you'll see that the 620 is (in theory) significantly slower than the 630, which is riiight underneath the 6670.
  2. for an gaming it is horrible. for an HTPC its great!
    Zotac GeForce GT 640 DDR3 Review: Glacial Gaming & Heavenly HTPC
    This brings us to the second conclusion: HTPC usage. To some extent HTPC tasks are still reliant on memory bandwidth – post-processing in particular – but overall the measure of a good HTPC card is rooted in its features and power consumption rather than its raw performance. To that extent the GeForce GT 640 is nearly everything we expected from the moment we saw GK107. 4K video decoding via VP5 and 4K over HDMI are working, custom resolution/timings are working, there’s enough processing power to handle everything short of intensive madVR use-cases, and all of this is on a sub-75W card. While NVIDIA still has some room to grow and bugs to fix, at this point it’s certainly the best HTPC card we’ve tested yet.
  3. Although most people have never heard of the GT 545, it is better than an HD 6670 GDDR5, believe it or not.
  4. Ironslice said:
    Although most people have never heard of the GT 545, it is better than an HD 6670 GDDR5, believe it or not.

    I just glanced at its specs - it's got huge amounts of bandwidth compared to the 6670, as well as more VRAM. Although it appears the GT640 may have even the 545 beat as far as HTPC usage is concerned - it's a Kepler card, sips power and puts off little heat.
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