My computer keeps crashing while starting up

Hey guys! I got my brother in law's 'old' Gaming PC for Christmas after being a console gamer my whole life. I've also had a MacBook the last 5 years, and the last Windows OS I used was Windows XP (this new system has Windows 8.)

What I'm trying to get across is that I don't know much about the system I now own, and I've got (what I hope) is a small problem.

Sometimes when I power my PC on, it starts fine until it gets to the Windows screen, with the circling dots/loading indicator... And shuts off. Trying to turn it on moments later yields a successful boot but either way my motherboard makes a series of 4-5 rapid beeps. It sounds angry.

Here are my specifications, pulled from my temperature/monitor program.

Any ideas what steps I should take to remedy this problem, or what could be causing it? Once it turns on, everything runs great. I'm enjoying the Hell out of every game I'm throwing at it. I just want to know if I should be concerned.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Need more info, make and model of components.
    Computer Case
    Power Supply
    Graphics Card If Used
    HDD or SSD
    Optical Drive
    Mouse And Keyboard
    And anything else connected to the computer
  2. I would try and test the hdd to see if it is damaged or corrupted. I would check in the bios to see if you have a test option for the hdd built in. If not and you have another pc go to the manufacturer website and DL a test and burn it on to a cd and tryunning that. You can also try to test the ram by removing a stick and switching around a stick to see if that helps. I had some bad ram onetime and my pc would not start. I have also had a motherboard with a defective ram slot and it would not start so check the motherboard as well. The computer will start with only one stick so try removing the sticks and moving them around to see if its the ram. You could also try reloading windows maybe the files are corrupt. Just some suggestions of easy troubleshooting good luck hope it helps. Could you post if you find the answer for future reference
  3. Sorry I forgot you can also check in the bios to see how much ram the pc is using. If it less then you are supposed to have obviously its the ram.
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