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My brother in law has an older PC with a Phenom X4 9650 @ 2.3GHz, a ASUS M2N MX SE Plus. 4gb DDR2 800Mhz ram, a EVGA 9800 GT non green edition, and was wondering how well it'd play BF3 at 720p i think, other resolutions too as im not sure wat his monitor is displaying. BF3 system requirements puts the 9650 at recommended and 9800gt around minimal to recommended area. But I know how demanding the game is and would the older phenom and 9800 gt play this smoothly? settings isnt really an issue.
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  1. Your question i kinda all over the place but yes it will run the game not well but on low to medium it should play it. I would not even try over 720P with that video card it will be a downward spiral from 720 up...
  2. any recommendations for a cheap upgrade? only thing i can think of would be 7770/7750, or 550 ti.
  3. yeah sorry about it being confusing, i some times ramble and stuff but thanks lol
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    I think I would also consider selling the 9650 and looking into a phenom II if his board will take it, even an Athlon II quad core would be ok because of the higher clock speed. You can go to a better video card, but I think that if he jumps to a better video card, that he's going to possibly bottleneck a newer card. I had an older Athlon 2.8 ghz processor, and upgraded to a GTS 450 a year or two ago, my processor bottlenecked that card BADLY when trying to play battlefield bad company 2. Thankfully my board took an Athlon II quad core, which I overclocked to 3.3 ghz, and no more stuttering. Even at the stock speed of 3ghz on the Athlon II quad everything ran great, but just overclocked just because I could.

    Other thing you could see how much can you overclock the 9650, if you can get it to even like 2.7 ghz, you might be able to put a better video card in and have it run ok.
  5. I could put a phenom II x4 95watt tdp but there kinda hard to find, so an athlon ii x4 prob the best choice there, but might look into an am3+ motherboard and a phenom ii x4 965 and a 7770. or a a8 3870k apu with a 6670.
  6. Do you have a Microcenter near you? If you do, check there. They routinely run specials like an FX4100 and board for 100 bucks. For 20 bucks more though, you can get the 6 core vs the 4 core. Also consider the GTX 560 se cards. They are a cut down GTX 560, so should be somewhere between a GTX 560 and GTX 550ti for performance. I personally still have a GTS 450 and it runs most everything I have at 720p.
  7. closest microcenter is chicago, or Minneapolis and its quite a long drive to save some money lol and my friend just got rid of his 450 gts and still has it, its just that it has mini hdmi and would prefer hdmi, but its not out of the question. Just if id buy new might as well get a new video card.

    Also would rather have a phenom ii x4 965 BE instead a FX4100, but i can get a x6 1045t on tigerdirect for $130, its 95 watt tdp, would that work on the asus m2n mx se plus am2+ motherboard?
  8. how well would the phenom x4 9650 and the 450 gts preform together if i could get a 2.7ish OC on the cpu?
  9. My Athlon II x4 at 3.3 ghz does quite well on many games. I think you would do ok. Problem with the 1045t is still clock speed, unless you OC.

    How about this? Used on ebay, but 15 day warranty, then use the other money and pick up maybe a 7770 or GTX 560 se.

    Just be sure to check with the motherboard manufacturer to be sure it will work.
  10. Think im looking for a new build, what do u think this system is worth? For a craigslist ad as not a fan of using ebay and stuff.

    Phenom X4 9650
    EVGA 9800 GT 1gb HDMI port
    4GB Gskill 2x2 DDR2 800Mhz
    DVD Burner
    No HDD
    550watt psu forgot the brand
    Unknown brand case same side panel to a raidmax tornado front panel is black with red leds strips on each side
  11. Honestly not much. Maybe 150? Not to lowball you since you have cash tied up, but my friend has a spare machine that he was trying sell for 500 with a Phenom II quad, 8 gb ddr2 gskill 1066 ram, windows 7 license, HAF 912 case I think, and an 8800gts. Could not get anyone to buy it. Comparable systems were like 300 on craigslist. If you are going for a new build, maybe keep that one for a fileserver, or part it out on ebay. Probably get more that way.
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