Building my first pc but..

Will this work?

-Any Micro ATX tower
CPU -i3 3220
MOBO -ASRock H61M/u3s3
RAM -CT2KIT25664BA1067
HDD -Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003
PSU -FSP Group FSP450-60GHS
OS -Win 7 Home 32

all these can be copy/pasted to neweggs search bar. I also wanted to know if the power is strong enough to support it and a mid level nVidia gpu will be selected but not sure what yet. This also will be my first attempt at a PC build. Is this everything needed to pretty much start the PC? Thank you very much for your time and help. Much appreciated.
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    Yes it will work even with mid level GPU.
  2. wow thanks rolli59. Do you think the psu might be too much?
  3. No not too much at all midrange cards typically call for 450watts. Maybe use this as an alternative and get a H77 motherboard for the price savings.
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