Just some help on my CPU

Hey guys, so I'm building my first PC, pretty excited.

Anyway I have a 2k budget and I was thinking of getting the i7 3770k for 330$
However I can get the i7 3820 for 300$

I was wondering if it was worth going for the i7 3820, as from what I can understand that will give me the newer type of CPU/Motherboard connection, as LGA1155 is *dead*

I mean, I thinking of getting the 3820 as it has an extra 2mb of Cache, .1 more GHz, but I plan to overclock so that isn't too important. So I guess I am pretty much decided on the 3820, it seems better and 30$ cheaper, but I just want your opinions as I'm a noob and want to make sure I'm doing this right
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  1. With your budget the lga2011 platform is top dog.
  2. What's the purpose of your build? For gaming the 3570K @ ~$220 is more than enough. Save a little cash on the CPU and get a better Motherboard and Graphics cards. The 3770K is only necessary if you are planning to do video editing. I'd suggest skipping the Sandy Bridge-E series altogether because you will not see much improvement in performance over Ivy Bridge and it will cost less for the CPU and Mobo leaving a little more room for high-end graphics and a larger SSD.
  3. Mostly gaming, but I am probably going to start youtube as a hobby once I get this pc.
    Plus I also study engineering, so I think I may need a bit of a better CPU if I need to do any 3d models. And for me I get the i7 3820, cheaper than the i7 3770k so it seems the smarter choice to go for the i7 3820. It gives me a better options for future upgrades and should be good for max setting games for the next year or two
  4. socket 2011 is prob dead, unless they make ivy bridge extreme on that socket, and the 3820 is not an unlocked cpu which means more difficult overclocks

    Edit: Ivy bridge-E will b on 2011, and found out that the 3820 is partially unlocked lol
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