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Hello, I'm trying to build a budget friendly HTPC. I live in Canada, so the computer stores are NCIX, MemoryExpress, CanadaComputers, and TigerDirect.

The HTPC will mainly be used to watch Netflix, watch online streams, and surfing the web. Furthermore, I would need to have WiFi on the computer as well.

I was thinking of using these parts:

CPU/GPU: Ivy Bridge i3 coming out soon
RAM: 4gb or 8gb
PSU: not sure
Case: not sure but would like a slim form factor
SSD: 32gb
HDD: 2 x 2TB Green Drive

Is the integrated GPU good enough for what I need?

Thanks again!
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  1. Well integrated should be good enough for your needs it will have intel 4000 which is pretty good. But I would suggest getting llano for a budget PC. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129021
    This should be better. Amd is much better for budget builds. Make sure the motherboard you get has at least 3 esata ports, the one I suggested uses FM1.
    Here is a good case for you. It comes with a 450w PSU.
    I hope this helped.
  2. While I agree with Lt Dan Zsu about the Intel Integrated GPU being enough, so are the AMD APUs. Whichever is more budget friendly is the way you should go.

    Also, I understand the desire to keep things small, but most slim-line/Mini-ITX cases come with proprietary power supplies that may or may not be of quality build or sufficient power. Additionally, these smaller cases generally do not allow for all the expansion slots/drive bays, we want. My advice is to sacrifice case size for a quality ATX power supply, better airflow and additional drive bays.

    Finally, if at all possible, avoid WiFi for video streaming.

    -Wolf sends
  3. I agree completely with the WiFi situation. It's really a last resort as the TV is too far away from the router for me to run an ethernet cable. My only other option would be to use power line.
  4. I was wondering if the ZOTAC ION-ITX T-Series would be a good option for what I need.

  5. While it should be enough for your needs, I'll reiterate:

    My advice is to sacrifice case size for a quality ATX power supply, better airflow and additional drive bays.

    -Wolf sends
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