Need Help Choosing A Triple Monitor Stand

I currently have dual 24" Asus monitors and I've been thinking of throwing another in the mix and would like to mount them on a stand to save desktop space and eliminate the need for a huge desk. I'd like one that I can use in a dual configuration until the time I get the 3rd monitor and that's reasonably prices. I'd appreciate any recommendations and links. Thanks
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  1. Do the monitors support VESA mounts?
  2. This one on amazon looks pretty good and has great reviews: (4.5 stars out of 39 reviews)

    Comments from one of the reviewers:
    "I have 3 Dell 24" U2410 monitors (14 lbs each) hanging on this stand. No problem at all. There is even enough room to tilt the arms in so that the monitors form a concave arc."

    It looks like a quality product and is less expensive than most.

    If this does not work out for you I suggest doing searches on for the keyword 'triple lcd'. It appears they got some other good stands on there.
  3. I'd done a search and saw all those offerings and a few more but came here for advice from enthusiast that have done Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity setups hoping learn from their experiences.
  4. I opted to use a stand from It's a triple stand that supports 3 monitors up to 28". It is on sale for $69.95 and came to $88.66 shipped. I ordered it June 26th and it was here on June the 29th. It's the version that clamps to the desk. They were out of the standalone version.

  5. How did it work?
  6. Works great

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