I think my sound card is broken

For the past couple of weeks, I have been getting a crackling, static noise coming from my pc speakers. I have researched many of the possible reasons (Grounding, Defect speakers, Cable, Interference and Sound Card. I have proven that it can't be the speakers, cable, or interference as I did a few tests. My feeling is that the sound card has recently broken because if I re-insert the cable the static is not there until there is no sound for about 10 minutes. Then if you play something the crackling comes back.

As I may possibly be adding RAM to my PC soon I would like to verify that it is the sound card and not anything else so I can easily add it at the same time.

Note: The static noise only happens if sound is playing
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  1. You say it is the sound card that is making the crackling noise, what is the make and model of this particular sound card?
  2. All I currently know is that is is a VIA High Definition Audio Card and that it looks to be inegrated into my motherboard which I also don't know anything about. Do you know any software that could help look for those specs.
  3. Update: It is integrated into my motherboard and my motherboard is an Asus M4A78LT-M LE. Also the model of the integrated sound card is possibly a VIA VT1708S. This is according to a driver for the motherboard from softpedia so i'm not sure if this is correct.
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    That is what I thought you ment! A sound chip is integrated. Just disable the onboard sound and purchase a discrete sound card. ASUS Xonar sound cards work really well with windows 7, not a fan of Creative anymore, just pick one out that will fit your budget and will install in one of your PCI slot farthest from your PCIe slot.
  5. Ok. I thought about that after I found it was integrated (never bothered to take any notice until today).

    Anyway thanks for the help.
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