Would this graphics card work with my current PC?

I don't know too much about computers and I didn't want to do anything stupid before I did some research so hopefully you guys can help me with this.

The graphics card I wanted to buy was the Radeon HD 6870

Here is all the information about the system I have..

I'm aware that i'll need to buy new power supply but is this card compatible with the current PC I have?

Also if it is, can you recommend a good power supply to buy to go along with it?

I've done a lot of research over the days and I still couldn't find much info on this computer stuff so again, please help.

Thanks in advance
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    Yes it will work as long as you buy a new power supply. I'd personally recommend this one:
  2. Wow, really fast response, thanks. Thanks for the recommendation as well. Are you sure the card will fit in the tower though? I havent cracked open the tower yet to see how much space there is yet and the graphic card seems a bit big.

    Sorry for asking so many questions that might be obvious, completely new at this :(
    Sick of the integrated graphics
  3. Yes, it would work fine, as long as you upgrade the power supply. The one listed by Sunius is a very highly recommended power supply, and will power the 6870 no problem.
  4. Thank you both, I'm really excited to order the products now. I'll check for a guide on how to install it on youtube somewhere. My friend says it's a breeze though.

    Again, thank you both! really appreciate it
  5. Its easier than most people think.
  6. Yes, it is a breeze, your friend is right. That power supply is standard size, you should have no problems fitting it in.
  7. What do you guys think about the graphics card? Think thers any better for under 200 dollars?
  8. Actually there is. GTX 480. It's a very powerful card whose only drawback is power consumption:

    I'd recommend at least CX 600 to do with it.

    GTX 480 is around 30.6% faster than HD 6870:

  9. I would definitely recommend the 480 on almost any other occasion EXCEPT for this one. Yea its a good card, and it is a pretty high performer, but unless you get a new case, the 480 is going to heat up your whole computer since there is not much ventilation in the case.

    And dang, that 480 just keeps going down and down in price!
  10. Ahh now I don't know whether or not to just start from scratch and build a new cpu.. It would cost me too much to get a new one though so I think I'll just stick to the 6870 fow now until I have more money to spend
  11. My cousin used to have a Pavilion similar to yours, and he just mounted it into a much nicer case, upgraded the PSU, and got a nice graphics card, and now he has a gaming computer. Its a good way to go on a budget while still getting an awesome computer. Its not a bad idea, because the CPU is still pretty viable in that HP.
  12. I might consider buying a new case then. It should be around 40-100 bucks I'm guessing? I've never built a cpu so I wouldn't know how to take everything apart and mount it onto a new case. I wonder if I'll screw it up
  13. That was an extremely informational and detailed video, Sunius, Thank you so much. I've been browsing around youtube and only found 5 minute videos where they just rushed through it :(. You also said I'd need a more powerful power supply for the GTX 480, any recommendations?
  14. I gave my recommendation in the above post, but since you missed it, I'll repeat.

    I'd recommend Corsair CX 600 power supply, because it's relatively cheap and is of very high quality.
  15. Oh did you? I guess I was distracted by the big chart. Thanks again, appreciate all the help!
  16. No problem, glad to help :).
  17. Yea its mainly just an expensive lego set more than anything. Easier than most people think it is, and there are some cheap cases out there that ventilate well also.

    Good luck!
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