Dell Inspiron 620 ,Which PSU should I get? ... I have a faulty PSU.

Why I want a new PSU:

My Dell Inspiron 620 is a year old and now it will not turn on. The motherboard light is on inside, on the outside the power button flashes an amber color. In addition, the light on the back is blue. When I press the power button, the amber light just flashes on and off on the power button, fan turns on and off, and sounds like it is going to turn on but nothing shows on display nor does the computer turn on to full power.

I believe it is my PSU because I have not turned it off for a year ( only about 11 times have I turned it off ) and I typically leave it on sleep mode when not in use.

Anyways, I want to try switching the PSU but cannot decide between the two:

1) Corsair

2) Silverstone
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  1. Go with the Corsair it has a three year warranty.
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    Corsair, 3 Year warranty and it's more cheaper than the Silverstone. But any of those 2 are good power supplys.
  3. If you can wait, the CX430 will probably get cheaper than this. I believe it was $10 less just yesterday and even the CX500 (500W) cost $5 less after the promo code and rebate right now.
  4. Thanks you all for the suggestions. I am going for the corsair because of the warranty and price.

    Again, thank you!, I appreciate it!
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