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I bought a Dell XPS 8300 a while ago and it seemed like a really good deal. But soon, I noticed that the graphics card (ATI Radeon 5450) was outdated and ran quite slowly on a lot of the games I played (Crysis 2 - 15-20 fps?).
So I've had my eye on the Nvidia GTX 560 as a possible upgrade.
But I saw two possible obstacles, the power and the physical requirements of the card.

1) My system runs at 460W (more details are in the picture below - no idea what all these Voltage numbers mean).

The card needs a minimum of 450W. I was wondering if I'm cutting it too close? Do I absolutely need to buy another PSU?

2) Also, the GTX 560 is a dual slot, which I'm guessing will need two full length PCI slots.
The card I have fits in 1 (there is only 1 long slot in my CPU)

That long standing thing is my current graphics card.

Does that mean I won't be able to physically fit the card into my CPU?

Any information at all is great!

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    1: 460w is enough as long as you are not overclocking.
    2: dual slot means it will take up two of those silver backplate things on your case,not two pci e slot. You only need one of these.

    you may want to consider buying a Radeon HD 6870 instead. They consume the same power,but the 6870 is a slightly more powerful. The 6870 is also about $10 cheaper ;)

    Hope I helped!
  2. well it says on the sticker that the 12v rail should not exceed 385w. normally under normal circumstances, that would pass probably with a gtx 560 but the psu cannot promise those watts. the 2nd problem is that the gtx 560 takes 2 6pin connectors(which im partially doubting that an oem will even give you 2 6 pin connectors). As a personal recommendation, I would recommend buying a ~450w psu

    Antec VP 450w
    Corsair CX430
    Rosewill green 430w
    Rosewill green 530w

    and buy a 6850 (down to ~135$ due to price drop from 150) to make a stable build.
  3. Are these 6 pin connectors what give the card power?
    So, do they come with the card or are they already in the computer?
    Also, what's an oem?
    Sorry if I sound really dumb but my username says it all. :)
  4. they come on the psu. the card usually may give you one 2 molex to 6 pin connector, but using 2 would not be an advisable idea.
  5. Is using 2 dangerous? But the Nvidia site says 2 though.
  6. CuriousAmateur said:
    Is using 2 dangerous? But the Nvidia site says 2 though.

    the reason why its dangerous is because if your psu didn't have a 6 pin on it already, then it wasn't built to power a graphics card of that level. using one is usually okay, and you can possibly get by with it depending on how strong the card is. 2 is likely to result in a failure.
  7. Alright thanks!
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