I5 3570k or the I7 3770k

I was wondering which would be better i found the i7 for 30 dollars more so is this worth it; I am using this computer for mainly gaming purposes.
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  1. honestly I don't think its worth it ... you ll get the same performance in most of the games... i7 will give you few extra frames .. but that difference is negligible..

  2. For gaming, there's no difference at all. For other CPU intensive applications and multi-threaded applications i7 is the sweet choice

    $30 more? Hell that's a great deal go for it, normally the i7 3770K is $100 more.
  3. I am also thinking of maybe getting a i7 2700k its around the same price.
  4. If you are tight on money and don't have good parts i.e. power supply or GPU then use that $30 towards that..

    usually as mentioned these two CPUs are 60-100$ apart that's what leads to hesitation when building new computer... But for $30 I would get the i7...

    however,,, if you are certain you are only using the cpu for gaming and nothing else then... either is fine.

    as said in many threads, no difference will be noticed in gaming between i5 and i7
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