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Computer being very sensitive.

December 30, 2012 2:37:16 AM

Recently I have been experiencing some static electricity. I would go to plug in a usb cable or drive and my PSU would cut the power and keep it in a stand by state until I forcefully unplugged it or shut down the computer. Just a few moments ago I went to go grab something to eat so I put down my laptop on top of my desk, it was resting on a cable that connects to my headset for charging which runs to an amp and then into my desktop. When I came back I touched my laptop and the static electricity discharged into my laptop but didn't shut it down.

There are two paths that it could have taken, either through the cable under my laptop into my desktop or through its charging cable into a surge protector into the wall and back up into a different surge protector and finally into my desktop.

The reason why I think it could do the latter is because I have a fish tank plugged into the same wall outlet and on a separate surge protector. Although if I don't plug something in just right and it makes a slight spark, my desktop's PSU will cut the power. It only recently started doing this.

Is there any possible way that the wall outlet is no longer grounded and so it is sending back into my computer? Ideas? Thoughts on how I can fix this or what is causing the issue?


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