System Don't Boot

My Current PC:

Intel E7400 C2D
Asus G31 Mobo
500 GB HDD
Sapphire 5670 512MB DDR5 Graphic Card
550 W not genuine psu
Samsung DVD Drive

ok, now i've been using this pc for about a year. then i don't use it for 3 months then, i want to clean it, so i remove all cable, take out mobo, gfx card, RAM, and CPU cooler and reassemble them.
but unfortunately, when i plug power cable to the system, the green light on mobo turn on, and when i press the power button, the cpu fan, casing fan, gfx card fan turn on, ps2 mouse red laser light turn, HDD spinning sound heard.

(the mobo chipset heat sink also little warm, seems like usual)

but no keyboard beep, no keyboard number lock light (was turn on when pc is working), no monitor output.

so plz advice me what to do?

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  1. maybe you fried something,
    *did you have any static electricity in your hands?
    *do you smell any burnt electronics inside?
    *is everything properly connected?
    *did you install the CPU the right way?
    *is the CPU fan properly connected?
    *are the standoffs of the case connected?
  2. no smell of burnt electronic
    i forget about the static electricity but i think there should be no problem because i've done like this before for some times.
    i tried to connect all connectors. i've don't this twice. but i'll try it again when i get back home.
    i don't remove the cpu, just it's cooler
    all fans and hdd are spinning
    what's the standoff <i don't know, so plz explain>
  3. myowaiwin said:
    no smell of burnt electronic
    i forget about the static electricity but i think there should be no problem because i've done like this before for some times.

    It really doesnt matter how many times you have done it like that, the point is that you shouldnt and my best guess is that you actually fried something with static electricity.

    A couple of years back i tried to install a CPU cooler and everything seemed to be ok but the PC didnt start. it didnt start because i burnt the motherboard chipset without knowing
  4. thanks you bro

    i'll test it later tomorrow and reply to you.

    so if u have more advice, plz give me so i can test tomorrow.

    but the green light on mobo is on and all fans are spinning well. just no beep and monitor output.

    so i think the motherboard is good.

    i'll reply asap
  5. I advise you go through general trouble shooting, follow the guide and hopefully you will find your problem.

    Grounding yourself is important during maintenance or building a PC. If you have an anti-static wristband, use that to ensure you are grounded. If you dont, plug in the PSU and periodically touch it to ground yourself to it (make sure the switch at the back is off if it has one).
  6. so what are there no beeps at all? that does sound like it is fried but have you tried it with another psu and gpu? just for troubleshooting before you go buying a new mobo.
  7. ok everyone, i detach all things, and re assemble again.
    and plug power cable, and turn on.

    no beep, but the computer boot. and it's normal except no beep

    thanks for everyone., i think it's due to loose connection.
  8. sounds like it could have been... glad it worked out for you glad to help... dont worry about the no beeps unless you start to notice strange behavior.
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