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I am having a few issues with my fans right now. I have an H100i cooling my CPU, with 2 of Corsairs stock fans on it.

When I plug the fans into the H100i itself I get a really annoying clicking type noise.

When I installed Corsair Link, now whenever I have the fans plugged into the motherboard (which was working out great before installing Corsair Link) they are running at max speed and I have no idea how to control it.

Does anyone here know how I could completely control the speeds on the fans when connected to the motherboard, or even somehow stop the annoying clicking noise when the fans are plugged into the H100i?
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  1. I have a similar problem with my H80i I tried corsair link now I lost all control over my fans they go from max to a complete stop every 10 seconds :D going to plug them into motherboard now since I don't seem to have any other options
  2. I herd that there is a firmware update that you can do within windows for the h100i and the h80i, Not sure how to do that as I only have the h100 not the "i". Im not sure either, but I read on that the h100 would run the fans below its original spec at full load, but the mobo would run it full speed that the fan was rated at. Again that was on the h100 lol. Sorry im not to much help here, more like a bump post.
  3. That is kind of when the problems started. I installed corsair Link and then the firmware update DO NOT USE THE FIRMWARE UPDATE unless you had a problem before!. I had no problem just like updating and now I am in trouble. I ended up connecting those fans directly to my motherboard and two fans that are 19 DB at max to my H80i so I dont hear the problem bu this is a workaround not a SOLUTION
  4. Hi!
    I had the exact same problem as you, my pc was inaudible until I installed Corsair Link. I have now connected the fans that cool the radiator to my motherboards cpu optional fan header. I'm pretty sure it would work with a normal chassi fan header as well.
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