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Hi everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread. I purchased a Gateway DX4831 a year and a half ago. It has an i3 530 cpu @ 2.93 ghz with 6gbs (ddr3 i believe). 3 months ago, I purchased an ASUS GTX 550ti with a Corsair TX750M to go with it. Now I'm not very familiar with computer hardware (not clueless though) so I asked the employee at my local CanadaComputers and he said the 2 items will work with my desktop. So I took them home and installed them myself. I haven't used this new computer for gaming yet but wanted to upgrade it for Diablo 3.

1 month later, I can't get the stuttering to stop. From what I've read, this is due to fps and I've tried adaptive vsync, vsync on, off. My monitor's native res is 1600x900 and i reduced that in-game to see if that helped. It didn't. And lowering the graphic setting didn't help either. Blizzard says they are aware of the performance issues and are working on patching a fix. Is it possible the coding for the game is doing this and it's not a hardware problem?

Also, I have what seems like a burning smell coming from the PSU though my computer doesn't make a sound even when I'm playing Diablo 3 and it's stuttering. Does this mean I should replace my PSU? Are the 2 problems related? I've cleaned my tower with compressed air but the smell is still there. Fainter when I'm not playing but still there.

I'm beginning to wonder if my CPU is too crappy for the 550 ti or vice versa. Maybe I hooked up the PSU wrong?
Please help! I've read about overclocking but my financial situation isn't so great that I want to start messing with things I know nothing about. Thanks in advance.
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    Canada Computers doesn't employ idiots so you'd do well to take it back to them and have them take a look at it. They have some very competent people working at their tech benches. They may charge you a diagnostic fee but since you purchased the components there they may wave it if you have reason to think that one of the components may be faulty. A very small burning smell isn't abnormal if you stick your nose into the PSU's vent, a strong one that you can smell from afar is.

    Before you do that though do a full purge and reinstall of the NVidia drivers. If you didn't do this when you installed the new card you should do it now. Diablo 3 does have some serious performance issues (along with tons of other issues in general) that even bog down my dual 7970s so some small stuttering may be expected with a 550ti.
  2. That CPU/GPU combo is fine, the first gen i3s are still quite capable.
  3. Thanks for the input. I'll bring it in to them and see what they say tomorrow. It's just so quiet and any computer I've had has always made noises first before it broke. Anyways, thanks again.
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