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Sell gtx 590 for 680?

i got a gtx 590 gainward should i sell it for a 680 or watercool it
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  1. keep it until the 8xx series.
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    Personally, it's no question for me. Is something wrong with it, way too much power consump., heat? Because a 590 vs 680 is, just about =. If not better. So yea, I would wait for the 7xx series two years from now, then see if it's any good, but most likely 8xx series GTX is when you should upgrade. You should be running great with a 590 on any game... unless you have like 4 way monitors all @ 1600 res... (It can still prob. handle that, lol)

    I have a 680, and I'm amazed by it... runs everygame but in the end, 590 still is about = to the 680.

    P.S. I've been thinking of something but I don't know much on the topic... DX12, what if it comes out four days after you buy a 680? IDK if it can... but if so, yea I'd wait. 'Cuz DX11 is turning 3 (years old) soon i believe.
  3. the only reason i'd see why is power consumption or some serious defect, but other then that your set. the only card thats really faster then yours as a mars II and 690.
  4. yea . im just saying cause i got the 590 brand new likr 3 days ago for 360 dollars and i could sell it for like 680 price. but ill just water cool it. and im having no problems with it does not go over 70c its quiet. and no micro stutterin nvidia drivers are great. i just thought maybie the 680 has better braggin rights lmao.
  5. Keep it...It still beats the 680
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