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Alright so basically I am looking for someone or a couple people to give me an overview of this program and give me the benefits and drawbacks so I can decide if it is worth installing on my computer. Any help is appreciated, I am also reading a very extensive article on it but would also like a simpler answer in terms I can better understand. On an unrelated note, does anyone know the name of the driver from ASrock with the z77 extreme4 that I believe showed internet speeds in the bottom right corner. Not sure if it was internet speeds but it was some type of statistic. Thanks again.
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  1. Lucid Virtu attempts to exploit the existence of both an integrated and discrete graphics adapter by choosing the best one for the job when the job demands it.

    Here's a marketing heavy but otherwise informative summary:

    There have been other attempts at doing this before on mobile cards (NVidia Optimus, AMD Switchable Graphics) so it's not exactly anything brand new, but it appears to be the first solution that actually works properly and doesn't have any significant drawbacks.

    Drawbacks: I recall reading that it needed some special hardware when it was demonstrated, not sure what happened to that
  2. i tried out lucid virtue on my pc, didn't really do to great.
    i7 3770k @ 4.5Ghz, ASRock extreme4, & amd hd 5570
    say i get 20 fps with the integrated 3000 graphics.
    say i get 30 fps with the 5570 graphics.
    with lucid for some reason i got like 25fps so i just stopped using it. it has a great theory/idea but idk if its ready for real functionality yet. might be different for u but thats what happened with me.
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