New build screen adjustment problems

i just finished my pc build but am having troubles gettting the screen to "fit" my monitor. i believe i downloaded the latest drivers from the amd website but it has about a half an inch of black on all four sides anyone know how to fix this?

amd 6870
fx 4100
asrock 970 extreem
320gb hdd 7200rpm
16 gb ddr3 1600mhz ram
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  1. Ah, I assume you have it connected by HDMI?

    Many Drivers assume that anything connected by HDMI is a HD TV, so they apply Underscan to it, which leads to the black edges on monitors.

    Just go into the Catalyst Control Center, open "My Digital Flat Panels", then "Scaling Options". This is whereyou can tweak with the over/underscan amounts. I have mine set at 0% and it works.
  2. ok that worked thank you
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