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I am building my first PC and I am trying to decide on which cpu to get.
I have a slight budget problem but not too much. I will be using the PC for gaming, programming, and basic software.

I am deciding between the Intel i5-2400 or the Intel i5-2500.

I am also interested in what benefit the i5-2500k has over the the i5-2500.

Any help is appreciated and if you need the specs for my computer I can give them to you. :) :) :) :)
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  1. All the processors you mention are the exact same part

    set to run at slightly different speeds .
    A task like video encoding will scale perfectly with cpu speed [ assuming theyre the same cpu]

    If it runs at twice the speed it will get through an encoding job twice as fast . Obviously the margin between 2400 and 2500 is smaller than that .

    The 2500K is the same as the 2500 but intel leave it "unlocked" so you can set the speed even higher manually . You void your warranty of course but they are capable of a decent speed boost without harming them
    To use overclocking you have to have the right motherboard as well
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