[Case Mods]Seeking advice for custom radiator mount on Lian-Li PC-Q08

Hey dudes,

I am currently modifying my Lian-Li PC-Q08 to fit a 120mm radiator with push/pull Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans, but find myself in a conundrum...

The stock setup has a 140mm fan attached to a quick disconnect bracket with removable fan filter. The disconnect bracket attaches to another bracket which itself is attached to the inside of the front of the case. I need to create some sort of bracket with which I can mount the front of the radiator setup(which is a 120mm-to-140mm fan adapter) directly to front bracket.
(Hard to picture, so here's some pictures :lol: )

//BRACKET + 140mm Fan

//My Radiator Setup

//My Proposed Bracket (lulworthy blueprints)

If you cannot tell from the images provided, my plan is to create preferably a bracket from a piece of black anodized aluminium, or less preferably some black plastic material - probably acrylic.

//The question!

How would I go about cutting aluminium sheeting in a manner that would give me nice clean lines? Or, is that a pipe dream and should I pursue a simpler material such as a plastique?

Any and all advice, comments, and suggestions are welcome! And thank you for reading the post, cheers. :sol:
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  1. So I tried to make the bracket myself with a jigsaw and some .25in aluminum sheeting but was unable to cut a center hole that had clean lines. (Used a jig-saw around the perimeter of the rectangle, drill bit w/ circular router for center hole which couldn't penetrate the sheeting and gave off a ear-raping banshee shriek at the same time)

    Are there any online contractors where I could send a 3D model made up in AutoCAD or some other program?

  2. Any thoughts?

    (Thinking about going to a machine shop, but not sure how expensive it would be)
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