Stomped by unexplained overheating of notebook

I have a HP Mini 1000 (model 1151NR) notebook well out of warranty. The problem is that suddenly, it started to overheat, a lot. What I do not understand is where the problem is located. I cannot work out the logic in my head to narrow down the problem. Is it the heat sink? Is it the CPU? Help.

The overheating problem is evidenced by the fan running high all the time the notebook is on. After 5 minutes, both palm rests are warm, and the underside is very hot along the whole length of the heatsink pipe to the side where the fan pushes out the hot air. I think the coper pipe runs from the GPU to the CPU and then to the fan. If I open the memory access port and though the memory DIMM, it is too hot for touch. it would probably cook an egg. The air coming out of the fan is also toasty.

I opened the notebook and cleaned/air dusted the entire inside. there was no dust or air flow blockage. there was no obvious sign of physical damage or burns, and the fan spins without any difficulty. I have the latest BIOS update and software updates, have been using the same notebook and same softwares for 1 year, and it never had this kind of heat problems. the only change is that it is just older. this heat problem is alway on even when the notebook is not running any programs and it is idle. the task manager shows the CPU usage level at 2-5% when idle, so it is not a virus or program using the CPU to 100% either.

SO this is my question: where is the problem? what is causing the overheating? the only thing I can imagine is that the liquid inside the heat pipe (if there is supposed to be any) has dried out. But If the heatsink is broken, why is the heat still being transfered all the way from the GPU to CPU to the fan and out the notebook as very hot air? if it is broken, there should be a heat transfer problem, and cold air should come out, or half the pipe is hot and the other side cold, right? or do i have an incorrect understanding of how heatsink works?

Or maybe what I should ask is what is causing the CPU and the GPU to be constantly so hot, even with no programs running, that the heatsink and fan is constantly overworking? ANyone know of the HP Mini 1000s having this kind of heat problems? everywhere I look they talk about air flow blockage or heatsink failure, etc., but no one discusses what is causing the heat to generate in the first place.

I am stomped. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Craig S
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  1. 1st remove your email using 'edit' before the spammers get hold of it!
    I would suggest renewing your thermal paste as it has probably dried out and lost it's efficiency, use a quality paste like Arctic Silver 2 and use the 'pea' method, only scale it down as your CPU/GPU will be much smaller than the ones in the video
    Obviously your netbook a bit different but the principles apply!
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