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Whats your benchmarks scores? (Unigen heaven 3.0.0)

Thought ide just make a little thread askin what your guys's benchmark scores are on Unigen Heaven 3.0.0... :) heres mine.

Post a picture or link! :) Im using an FX 6100 @ 4.5ghz with 16gb of ram and 6870's in Crossfire
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  1. Just for the lulz :P

    Single MSI R6870 Hawk, Extreme setting, Ansiotropy x16, CPU clock at 3.1 GHz lol.
  2. Not bad at stock clocks recon :)
  3. Oh, i thought your 480 edition is at stock 850 MHz, I could be wrong :/
  4. I just saw the 480 @ 850MHz in the other thread you posted, I automatically assumed it was at that clock. Strong card though.
  5. I see I see. Hope it goes well with with the other card.
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    Maxing everything out

    EDIT: Reran without virtual machines running in the background, gained 2 FPS :P
  7. Quote:
    Will find out when i get back off my bro>>
    He loves the damn thing... the 580 is not in use.. LOL

    He is more of a Radeon guy... so i am buying him a nice 6950 for £160... dirt cheap :)

    That's cool of you to do that

    @Pinhedd what 79xx card are you using and did you overclock it?
  8. Quote:
    7970 CFX.... :D

    Nicely done!


    fantastik250 said:
    That's cool of you to do that

    @Pinhedd what 79xx card are you using and did you overclock it?

    Two Gigabyte 7970s with Windforce 3 coolers, factory overclocked to 1000Mhz. I overclocked them an additional 100Mhz to 1100 and brought the memory up to 1400. I'm sure that I could go higher but those things put out a lot of heat. Right now it's like having a space heater in my bedroom and its the middle of summer here in southern Ontario. Even my 8000 BTU in room air conditioner and house's air conditioner can barely keep up with it.
  9. That's pretty amazing Pinhedd
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