New laptop purchase GPU info needed.

I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for when I'm roaming around the world, I want it small and compact and somewhat responsive, I know it can not replace my desktop without investing well more than I'm willing to, the games I want to be able to run on the run. ;) are :

CS:S (easy)
Heroes of Newerth (semi-demanding)
Diablo 3 (Semi - demanding)

The 3 cards I'm looking at and wondering about as far as perfomance goes are :

Intel HD3k series
Intel HD4k series
HD 6650
HD 6670

My budget is sub 1k, I'm in Canada and I plan to replace the HD with a SSD.
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  1. The laptop with the 6670.
  2. Ok, the 6670 is a 15.6" laptop, the other three are 14" laptops which I'd prefer. . . Out of those 3 other ones which would be best? The 6670 is also supposed to be a 6750. not a 6670 that's my bad.
  3. The other HD 6xxx version you mentioned.
  4. Yes, an integrated video chip is not as strong as a dedicated or mobile video graphics card.

    It also has a dedicated memory, so it doesn't have to pull RAM from the laptop. Also, your chip doesn't have to do the full load while playing a game.
  5. Pyree,

    Although I'd like to custom order one I have a 1800$ FS card that I can use to finance something and I need it by the end of today, I have a 7 day return policy so I may use that but we'll see if I like the laptop or not. :)
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