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Hey troops, I neeeeed help. Well, everytime i browsing the web, my computer will freeze up, or worse, goes black and reboot itself up. I was using the cox@home browser and took it off, and then used ie 5.5. No luck, it still hangs, reboot, whatever.

I have a abit be2 with 256mb, cel 400, diamond viper card 32mb, wd 20gb hd, and windows me. Question is should i reformat my computer clean, or can I do something less hasty. All comments are welcome.

May God Speed.
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  1. Is that the only time it does it? Is it consistent? The reason I ask is because a computer rebooting on its own usually means a bad power supply or an overloaded one at least. Have you added any components or changed anything lately?

    Another reason could be bad memory.

    If it was me though, I would do a fresh install and see if that helps. It's much easier to fix the software then go out and spend cash on hardware.

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