Netgear dgnd3700 connection issue

Hello, I have been trying to configure my Netgear to work using my DSL modem provided by the phone company. The phone company is CenturyLink (was Embarq) and the model number of the modem is 660. The connection works fine using JUST the modem hooked to the computer and when I use the ASDL modem on the Netgear router. Problem is, if I ever have to call for support due to internet issues, Centurylink will not talk to me unless I am using their modem. Once I hook the dsl line into the 660 modem and use ethernet cable to connect to the Netgear router, I can not get an internet connection. It is like the router will not accept the signal from the 660 modem... ANY ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. log into your router and change the LAN IP to and see if you get connected
  2. I changed the LAN IP to, but it did not seem to help. To make sure I changed the correct setting, you were referring to the LAN Setup option and changing the IP address there to from Just making sure I did't change the wrong setting.
  3. yes that is what I was referring to.

    is the WAN sitting showing 'Automatic' or 'PPPoE'

    have you tried cloning you computers MAC address to the router?

    is there a IP address printed on the bottom side of the modem?
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